Requirements for Client Supplied Artwork

Signs in Motion will try to work with existing artwork if available but only if it is of high enough quality to produce the required output, if not we may have to do some remedial work on it or re-create it completely (This would of course incur our standard hourly charge)

As most signs are computer generated to some degree, here is some information to give you an understanding of what we need from you to get the best results in the shortest and therefore most cost effective time. All file types are explained in the right hand column.


It is always best if you can supply a good quality print with your electronic artwork.


Fonts are collections of letters with certain shapes.

Signs in Motion maintains a library of thousands of fonts to use on our signs.

If a specific font is requested that we do not have, one of the following options is required:
Email the font(s) as an attachment to us.

Acceptable font files have extensions of .ttf or .otf.
If submitting a source file, convert all fonts to curves or paths before submitting.
If one of these options is not provided, a substitute font may be required.
This substitute may not exactly match the requested font.


Because not all Pantone colours can be matched when printing in CMYK, there can occasionally be concerns on how some Pantones are reproduced.
Pantones can only ever be simulated when using CMYK printers. If you have used Pantone colours in your artwork, and you would like us to check the accuracy of the colour before printing, please make this clear when placing your order and in most cases we can send you a sample.

Ideally, all artwork should be sent with relevant CMYK information should you have set colours included. Please make us aware of such colours when sending your order.
We use a huge selection of different Media’s that can change the appearance of colours, it is imperative that we have all the information required prior to reproduction. If CMYK colours are not available, you should provide hard copies of the artwork, so that we can match the colours with our colour matching systems.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

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